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Wiblu Hortensia


Location : Germany

Established more than 50 years ago the company first produced cut flowers for the local market but during the oil crisis in the early 70’s they were forced to rethink the company’s direction. They turned to pot plants and later, into propagation of young plants that saw an extensive range of bedding and balcony plants, cyclamen, poinsettia as well as specialty young plants such as Anthuriums.

More recently Hydrangea young plants were added to the production and proved to be very successful. The local climate, knowledge and expertise of the staff proved to be a winning combination with Hydrangeas, so much so that for the last 6 years the company has focused solely on the propagation and cultivation of the crop proving to be a strong and competent partner for our customers.

The company has 16,000 m² of glasshouses in Anholt and related outdoor areas. Optimal conditions and modern technology for the cultivation of hydrangeas combined with a team of qualified staff makes for a standard of excellence.

The product range offered includes un-rooted cuttings, rooted young plants, production in various pot sizes and finished product.

Wiblu offer the best quality plugs and liners in the market place, you can see the difference!

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