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Botanics International

What's New?

We are continuously looking for new and improved varieties to offer growers and here are a few that we feel deserve a mention.

New - Herbs
Cha Cha ChivesCha Cha Chive close-up of flowers

Cha Cha Chives

(EU Exclusive to Botanics International)

A brand new innovative variety in garden chives with tufts of green shoots in place of flowers.

Adds a novel selling point on chives.

Reccomended for 1Ltr pots

Available as 4cm plugs in trays x140

Minimum order 20 trays

Supplier:Botanics International

Chives QuattroChives Quattro Leaf

Allium Quattro

A brand new innovative variety in garlic chives get a garlic flavor from early spring to first frosts.

The whole plant is edible, leaves, stems & flower heads

Recommended for 1.5/2.0Ltr pots

Available as 4cm plugs in trays x84

Suggested potting July, over winter & spring sales.

Supplier: Hishtil Nurseries

PDF image Click here to download a PDF about this product

New - Patio Gerbera
Patio Gerbera Grand CanyonPatio Gerbera KarooPatio Gerbera SerengetiPatio Gerbera Volcanoes

Patio Gerbera Grand Canyon®
Patio Gerbera Karoo®
Patio Gerbera Serengeti®
Patio Gerbera Volcanoes®

Four brand new varieties extending the range to 19 colours.

Strong robust plants make fantastic summer patio plants & conservatory plants.

Suggested potting early spring into 3-5ltr pots, flowering plants approximately 18wks later

Supplier: Florist Holland

New - Garvinea Sweet
Garvinea Sweet DreamsGarvinea Sweet GlowGarvinea Sweet HoneyGarvinea Sweet Sixteen

Garvinea Sweet Dreams®
Garvinea Sweet Glow®
Garvinea Sweet Honey®
Garvinea Sweet Sixteen®

Four brand new varieties in a brand new line of hardy Gerberas.

Garvinea Sweet has all the robust traits of the original Garvinea but now with bigger flowers.

The bright fresh colours will add a real splash of colours to your patio.

A truly versatile crop suitable for 9-21cm pots

Supplier: Florist Holland

New - Vegetables
Sweet Potato

Ipomea batatas ‘Beaurgard’ (Sweet Potato)

Supplied as rooted cuttings from clean certified elite mother plants, certified organic.

Plug to small pot approximately 14 - 21days

Pot to harvesting of tubers approximately 75 - 85days

Supplier: Hishtil Nurseries

Looking to the future
Stan BellFuchsia Willow Tinsdale

Botanics has been working with Stan Bell for several years in assessing his varieties for commercial potential. He is a passionate fuchsia breeder and his love of hybridizing is evident when you see the enormous quantity of plants that now fill his garden. Most of his time is spent working with hardy fuchsias and in particular he is seeking to develop new blue varieties.

Seedlings are grown on for trial before Botanics take them for further testing in commercial nurseries. His first success was ‘Willow Tinsdale’ which has gold, burn-resistant, foliage and single blue flowers. For three years now, this has been sold through R. Delamore young plant producers. Another exciting new variety is ‘Dorothy Wright’; a superb broad leaf variety with green foliage that produces masses of red, blue/violet blooms. Four other contenders, which will add something new to hardy fuchsias, will be available for commercial trials in 2014 with potential introduction in 2015.

Stan’s repertoire also includes; several non-hardy bush varieties with unique flower forms on large bushy plants and some interesting subjects of basket fuchsias varieties that will be coming along in 2015/16.

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