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Walter Blom Plants


Location : Holland

The modern Walter Blom Plants BV has the advantage of knowledge built up over many years of working with Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials and has adapted to a new market place.

Customers are looking for new varieties to be supplied in various formats to fulfil different needs. Working from their office and warehouses in Hillegom, the heart of the Bollenstreek (the original bulb growing area), Walter Blom can organise more or less anything you require.

The endurance of the company has allowed links to be forged with growers throughout Holland and places Walter Blom Plants BV in a special position to assess new varieties that become available from breeders and growers and to link these new varieties with customers.

Using their trial gardens adjacent to the company they test as many new varieties as possible prior to their release. Their own production material is also trialed and is checked for quality, growth performance after storage, washing resilience and most importantly trueness to type.

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