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Technical Data and Information Sheets

As part of our ongoing policy to provide growers with general and cultural information about the products we supply, we have put together the following information sheets.

WARNING PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE FILES ARE LARGE. For your guidance the file sizes are indicated for each information sheet, depending on your download speed they may take some time to appear, please be patient! Once downloaded the sheet will appear in a new window / tab on your screen, leaving you free to browse the rest of the site.

Plant Collection Sheets

In this section we highlight collections and new varieties form our growers

Data Sheets - Plant Collections
Article NameAuthorFile TypeViewFile Size
Hemerocallis Collections 2011-2012Walter BlomPDF FileView86KB
Heuchera New Varieties 2012Walter BlomPDF FileView2.01MB
Hosta Collections 2011-2012Walter BlomPDF FileView81KB
Hosta Recommended in Volume 2012-2013Walter BlomPDF FileView61KB
New Hemerocallis 2012-2013Walter BlomPDF FileView141KB
New Hosta 2012-2013Walter BlomPDF FileView77KB
New Varieties 2011-2012Walter BlomPDF FileView10.57MB
General Guidance Sheets

This section covers general guidance notes for plant care and handling.

Data Sheets - General Guidance
Article NameAuthorFile TypeViewFile Size
Handling Unrooted PerennialsGreenleafPDF FileView348KB
Product Image Sheets

Included here are some images relating to a few products and collections.

We do not hold stock images but should you require images for labels, POS etc, please feel free to contact us and we will point you in the right direction for stock / libraries images or specialist photographers.

Data Sheets - Product Image Sheets
Article NameAuthorFile TypeViewFile Size
Alstroemeria CompactWalter BlomPDF FileView335KB
Alstroemeria GardenWalter BlomPDF FileView739KB
Alstroemeria maxiWalter BlomPDF FileView324KB
Alstroemeria midiWalter BlomPDF FileView474KB
CoreopsisWalter BlomPDF FileView702KB
DelospermaWalter BlomPDF FileView1.65MB
Gaillardia New Varieties 2011Walter BlomPDF FileView1.86MB
Geranium Images 1Walter BlomPDF FileView516KB
Geranium Images 2Walter BlomPDF FileView946KB
Hibiscus imagesBloomsPDF FileView560KB
PaeoniaWalter BlomPDF FileView642KB
Paeonia-3Walter BlomPDF FileView1.89MB
Paeonia Itoh HybridsWalter BlomPDF FileView5.65MB
Paeonia new varietiesWalter BlomPDF FileView2.23MB
Phlox Giant FlowersWalter BlomPDF FileView223KB
Rhodoxis Summer StarsWalter BlomPDF FileView1.42MB
Salvia New Varieties 2011Walter BlomPDF FileView1.27MB
Sedum 2011-2012Walter BlomPDF FileView2.05MB
Terranova Picture SheetWalter BlomPDF FileView3.13MB
Top 50 Hosta 2011-2012Walter BlomPDF FileView13.75MB
Veronica AtomicWalter BlomPDF FileView556KB
Technical Data Sheets

These sheets are designed to give growers more details about the product.

Data Sheets - Technical Data Sheets
Article NameAuthorFile TypeViewFile Size
Achillea Seduction SeriesBloomsPDF FileView947KB
Achillea Tutti Frutti SeriesBloomsPDF FileView525KB
AgapanthusWalter BlomPDF FileView1.06MB
Agapanthus Blue VelvetWalter BlomPDF FileView796KB
Agastache Purple HazeGreenleafPDF FileView341KB
Ajuga Black ScallopGreenleafPDF FileView247KB
Ajuga Mint ChipGreenleafPDF FileView690KB
Anemone Little PrincessBloomsPDF FileView590KB
Anemone Party DressBloomsPDF FileView193KB
Anemone Pretty LadyWalter BlomPDF FileView947KB
Anemone Wild SwanWalter BlomPDF FileView442KB
Aster Vibrant DomeBloomsPDF FileView498KB
Buddleja BurncrossBloomsPDF FileView542KB
Campanula Blue RivuletBloomsPDF FileView370KB
Campanula Blue Rivulet and Blue WaterfallBloomsPDF FileView855KB
Campanula Cup and SaucerWalter BlomPDF FileView1.04MB
Campanula Genti seriesWalter BlomPDF FileView1023KB
Campanula Royal WeddingWalter BlomPDF FileView1.05MB
Campanula Silver BellsWalter BlomPDF FileView789KB
Centaurea Amethyst SeriesBloomsPDF FileView1.45MB
Coreopsis CalurosoBloomsPDF FileView663KB
Coreopsis Golden DreamBloomsPDF FileView414KB
Coreopsis Jethro TullGreenleafPDF FileView253KB
Coreopsis Limerock Dream, Passion and RubyBloomsPDF FileView1009KB
Coreopsis Sweet Marmalade-BBloomsPDF FileView199KB
Coreopsis Sweet MarmaladeBloomsPDF FileView633KB
Delosperma GroupGreenleafPDF FileView472KB
Delphinium PlaguWalter BlomPDF FileView1.13MB
Dendranthemum IglooWalter BlomPDF FileView843KB
Dendranthemum Igloo SeriesBloomsPDF FileView652KB
Dicentra HeartsWalter BlomPDF FileView742KB
Dicentra Spring Gold and MagicBloomsPDF FileView779KB
Dicentra Spring Gold and Spring MagicBloomsPDF FileView1.02MB
Dicentra ValentineWalter BlomPDF FileView533KB
EchinaceaWalter BlomPDF FileView1.04MB
Echinacea New Varieties 2012Walter BlomPDF FileView1.14MB
Erodium Bishops FormGreenleafPDF FileView420KB
Eryngium Big BlueBloomsPDF FileView956KB
Erysimum Jenny BrookBloomsPDF FileView728KB
EucomisWalter BlomPDF FileView1.19MB
Euphorbia Ascot RainbowGreenleafPDF FileView265KB
Fuchsia Lovely Marina and Brians JoyBloomsPDF FileView239KB
Gardenia Fragrant PetticoatWalter BlomPDF FileView779KB
Geranium Azure RushBloomsPDF FileView608KB
Geranium Blue SunriseBloomsPDF FileView247KB
Geranium BreathlessBloomsPDF FileView481KB
Geranium Eureka BlueBloomsPDF FileView719KB
Geranium Eureka Blue & Blushing TurtleBloomsPDF FileView620KB
Geranium Lilac IceBloomsPDF FileView353KB
Geranium Red AdmiralBloomsPDF FileView395KB
Geranium RozanneBloomsPDF FileView716KB
Geranium Sylvia SurpriseBloomsPDF FileView430KB
Hardy Hibiscus Cordial SeriesBloomsPDF FileView1.14MB
Helianthemum Hartswood RubyBloomsPDF FileView655KB
Helichrysum Amber Cluster and Ember GlowBloomsPDF FileView595KB
Helichrysum Pink Sapphire and Ruby ClusterBloomsPDF FileView424KB
Heliopsis Loraine SunshineBloomsPDF FileView236KB
Iberis Little GemGreenleafPDF FileView139KB
Kniphofia ElviraBloomsPDF FileView528KB
Leucanthemum EngelinaBloomsPDF FileView721KB
Leucanthemum Engelina-1BloomsPDF FileView260KB
Leucanthemum Freak!BloomsPDF FileView267KB
Leucanthemum Freak! (USA)Walter BlomPDF FileView605KB
Leucanthemum Razzle DazzleGreenleafPDF FileView273KB
Lithodora White StarBloomsPDF FileView903KB
Miscanthus Mysterious MadienBloomsPDF FileView466KB
Mondara Fire MarshallGreenleafPDF FileView247KB
Mondara Fireball-Pink Lace - Pink SupremeGreenleafPDF FileView2.40MB
Oenothera ShimmerGreenleafPDF FileView880KB
Penstemon Prairie TwilightBloomsPDF FileView846KB
Phlox Shortwood SeriesBloomsPDF FileView1.18MB
Phlox subulataGreenleafPDF FileView463KB
Polemonium Brise D'Anjou & Bressingham PurpleBloomsPDF FileView152KB
Primula Tortoise ShellBloomsPDF FileView572KB
Salvia Ultra VioletGreenleafPDF FileView317KB
Scabiosa MoonWalter BlomPDF FileView898KB
Silene FireflyBloomsPDF FileView535KB
Silene Rollies FavoriteGreenleafPDF FileView173KB
Tradescantia Merlot ClustersBloomsPDF FileView1.05MB
Verbena LollipopBloomsPDF FileView1014KB
Verbena Lollipop-1BloomsPDF FileView245KB
Verbena Seabrooks LavenderBloomsPDF FileView668KB
Veronica Baby BlueGreenleafPDF FileView350KB
Veronica EvelineGreenleafPDF FileView278KB
Veronica GoldwellBloomsPDF FileView1.10MB
Veronica multifloraWalter BlomPDF FileView1.10MB
West Country Lupins 2012Walter BlomPDF FileView1.73MB
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