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Botanics International

How can we help?

At Botanics International we continually strive to improve the services we offer growers.

With our years of experience and thorough understanding of the young plant industry and route to market, we can provide a personal and tailored service in each of the following areas.


Increasingly we arrange stock plant growing for clients on a contract basis.

We select the best partner for stock holding according to the plant’s required conditions and the partner’s facilities and then coordinate shipping of the starting material.

Stock plants that are moved abroad are often of better quality, mainly due to better climatic conditions. Cuttings are often more competitively priced due to the specialism of task of the stock holding nurseries.

Depending on the chosen location we can either supply back un-rooted cuttings for propagation or plugs according to individual requirements.

In the scenario that you are the breeder, you are the sole client for your stock unless we have explicit instructions to supply your material elsewhere. This means that your stock plants are secure, you will receive cuttings when you need them and without the costs of holding plants all year round.


With our global network of associates we can provide additional services to breeders.

Sales and distribution of private mother plants can be arranged on your behalf in other countries using our partners. This can be a sale of un-rooted cuttings to propagators or plugs to growers but in all cases returning an agreed royalty payment to the breeder.


We firmly believe that breeders are fully entitled to a royalty payment for their work.

Royalties are not just a reward of successful work but they are an investment in the future. This income gives breeders their living that in turn funds their continued work. Our industry needs this stream of new varieties and innovation and without it we do not move forward. Botanics International will always support breeder’s work, large or small!

Using our network of partners we are able to advise you on the use of PBR - plant breeders rights, plant patents and trademarks as well as the costs involved and merits of each. While we would always advise plant protection, sometimes a breeder is unwilling or unable to cover the costs of full PBR. In such cases we can arrange a voluntary royalty but this has its limitations and doesn’t give any protection against piracy.


Increasingly we find our clients being let down by young plant suppliers, whom because they are contractually tied to one company, are unable to find an alternative source.

Being an independent company Botanics International is able to look at a much wider network and only being a phone call or email away we are invariably able to source particular products or varieties at short notice.

If you are looking for particular varieties then please contact us and we will do our upmost to help you.

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