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With a huge selection of material to choose from it can be a minefield sometimes, but the right material choice is key to profitable growing.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to choose the correct material for the job and consider speed and cost of production when selecting each variety.

We will explain lead times for ordering various varieties and all the growing material options.

Modules - Plugs

Plugs are a uniform, ready-to-pot product that gives rapid, even growth. They are available in a range of sizes and we are happy to produce plugs in non-standard sizes and charge accordingly.

Standard plug trays are 84 or 100 young plants but more recently we are producing more orders in trays of 24 as an alternative to a bare root plant, which have the advantages of reduced production time with more efficient potting and handling.

Some perennials require vernalisation to flower well the following year while others do not but often benefit from this period of cold treatment. We are happy to produce and supply over wintered plugs to order so you have the benefit of knowing they plants will flower at their best.


Minimum order per variety 1 tray.

Herb Plugs

This image shows a 153 cell plug of herb plants with a well developed root system and a well trimmed head. These plants are ideal for fast, small pot herb production.

Herb plugs

153 cell plugs shown against a 1cm measuring grid.

Unrooted Cuttings

All of our un-rooted perennial cuttings are supplied from Greenleaf Plants in Columbia.

The companies stock production unit is situated in an ideal location with high light intensity, a mild climate and uniform day length. It’s ‘perennial’ friendly environment results in cuttings that are probably the best in the market.

All their mother plant stock is regenerated from virus tested or elite virus free cuttings on a regular basis and at least twice a year.

Most varieties are available on a year round basis with all orders being shipped via Amsterdam. These orders are generally delivered to UK clients on a Tuesday.


Minimum Order per variety 100.

Minimum order per shipment 10,000

Bare Root Stock

Bare root plants come in a multitude of sizes and in Holland can even vary within a particular grade depending on which part the country it has been produced.

Walter Blom Plants works with a limited number of growers and has established over the years which grower produces the best grades of plants from the various soil types.

What does this mean for you? It means that the product is traceable and reliable and we can tailor material to suit pot size and sales period. Once we understand what your requirements are we can advise on the very best options available to suit your needs.

Don’t be taken in! All Dutch companies have size 1 bare root stock but you need to know the back ground information too.


Minimum order per variety 100.

Minimum order per shipment £1000.

Tissue Culture

Multiplication of plants by tissue culture in sterile laboratory conditions has been available to the industry for years’.

Herb PlugsOriginally developed for mass multiplication of new varieties in order that they could be brought to market quicker than by conventional propagation techniques. Today it is an essential tool in the early stages of modern plant production.

The resulting material is referred to as Stage III Tissue Culture or vitro material before it is re-introduced into the outside world. Together with new virus and disease tests our young plant producers are now able to produce material with the highest standards of cleanliness, vigor and often with better branching. The uniformity of these plants means improved performance and reduced wastage.

(Image Courtesy ©Terra Nova Nurseries)


Minimum order per variety 1 tray from free stock.

Minimum order per variety 5 trays to order.

Minimum shipment £1000

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