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Location : Israel

Hishtil Nurseries is one of the leading production companies in Israel. Located across 5 nurseries covering 21ha, it produces around 550 million plants per year. The state of the art greenhouses and investment in generating clean, NAKB certified mother plants has brought new standards in mother plant production.

Hishtil's certification includes ISO 9001:2000, Global G.A.P. & IFOAM.

The group invests heavily in its employees, nowhere more so than in the R&D department. Highly skilled graduates tackle the challenges of production especially when new varieties are introduced.

Private stock holding and marketing of new varieties has become an increasingly popular service. Hishtil will hold stock for clients and deliver back un-rooted or rooted cuttings to a programmed schedule. Due to Hishtil's vast contact list it markets across Europe, America and Canada and can also market your varieties into countries that you may not be able to reach alone. It will then return to a breeder an agreed royalty fee.

Histil's expertise includes the production of grafted vegetable plants in both standard and organics lines.

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