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Location : Holland

Specialists in breeding and propagation of Gerbera plant material for cut flower and pot plant cultivation the company’s portfolio has found its way to growers in more than 80 countries.

Situated in De Kwakel, the Netherlands, Florist works on breeding and selection of new Gerbera varieties in their modern 45.000 m2 greenhouse complex, where they can assure excellent plant quality year-round. Their plant material is internationally known for its high quality, uniformity and exceptional colour range.

Florist works closely with various links within the supply chain and a team of representatives is active in sales and cultivation assistance both at home and abroad. Through their intensive contacts with growers, agents and importers, they are constantly increasing a knowledge base of how new varieties perform in different conditions. Florist also offers assistance to growers in introducing and marketing new gerbera varieties.

In three decades, Florist has built an impressive reputation and consistently strives to maintain it. For plant material of the top Gerbera varieties, Florist is the most reliable partner you can find.

Find out more by visiting Florist de Kwakel's web site and their detailed descriptions for plants on offer.

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Floriline plant sizes

Mini Contour
Mini Dark Purple-BC
Mini Eyecatcher Hot Pink
Mini Eyecatcher Red
Mini Golden Yellow-BC
Mini Hot Pink
Mini Lilac-BC
Mini Lilac
Mini Orange-BC
Mini Orange
Mini Peach
Mini Pink-BC
Mini Pink
Mini Red-BC
Mini Red
Mini Salmon Pink
Mini Spider Mix
Mini Spring Pastel Mix
Mini White-BC
Mini White
Mini Yellow-BC
Mini Yellow
Midi Burgundy
Midi Dark Fireball
Midi Dark Purple
Midi Eyecatcher Dark Purple
Midi Eyecatcher Purple
Midi Eyecatcher Red
Midi Eyecatcher Twilight
Midi Halloween Mix
Midi Jack Frost Mix
Midi Lavender-BC
Midi Lilac-BC
Midi Lilac
Midi Mix groen-en-zwart-hart
Midi Monet
Midi Orange-BC
Midi Orange
Midi Pink-BC
Midi Pink
Midi Red-BC
Midi Red
Midi Specialty Mix
Midi White-BC
Midi White
Midi Yellow-BC
Midi Yellow
Maxi Dark Purple
Maxi Eyecatcher Purple
Maxi Eyecatcher Red
Maxi Fireball
Maxi Hot Pink
Maxi Hot Summer Mix
Maxi Light Pink-BC
Maxi Lilac-BC
Maxi Maxican Pink
Maxi Mix
Maxi Orange-BC
Maxi Orange
Maxi Pink-BC
Maxi Pink
Maxi Purple
Maxi Red-BC
Maxi Red
Maxi Spider Mix
Maxi White-BC
Maxi White
Maxi Yellow-BC
Maxi Yellow
Garvinea Kendall
Garvinea Lauren
Garvinea Lorelei
Garvinea Sweet Glow
Garvinea Sweet Dreams
Garvinea Sweet Heart
Garvinea Sweet Honey
Garvinea Sweet Sixteen
Garvinea Sweet Smile
Garvinea Sweet Surprise
Garvinea Tinkerbel
Spider Garvinea Catherine
Spider Garvinea Charlotte
Spider Garvinea Letizia
Totaal Lauren
Patio Gerbera Olympic
Patio Gerbera Volcanoes
Patio Gerbera Wakatobi
Patio Gerbera Yellowstone
Patio Gerbera Yosemite
Patio Gerbera Karoo
Patio Gerbera Grand Canyon
Patio Gerbera Great Smoky Mountains
Patio Gerbera Serengeti
Patio Gerbera Zion
Sundayz Lilac
Sundayz Maxi Mix
Sundayz Micro Mix
Sundayz Midi Mix
Sundayz Mini Mix
Sundayz Orange
Sundayz Pink
Sundayz Red
Sundayz White
Sundayz Yellow 2