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Location : Holland

“Creating your varieties” is the motto used by Armada. Listening to our customers & the final customers has lead us to develop new & innovative varieties, as well as adding new selections & improvements to varieties in our existing lines.

Constantly striving for improvements in crop times, improved branching, developing different flower forms & improving shelf life are all part of the rigorous selection process.

We are sure the positive results from our breeding programme will contribute to a positive result in your growing.

Find out more by visiting Armada's web site and their detailed descriptions for plants on offer.

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Chrysanthemum Arobaz®
Chrysanthemum Bouldor®
Chrysanthemum Calore®-Gold
Chrysanthemum Candela®
Chrysanthemum Casimir®
Chrysanthemum Cocori®
Chrysanthemum Diablo®-White
Chrysanthemum Floridis®
Chrysanthemum Jokapi®
Chrysanthemum Kalisto
Chrysanthemum Komodo®
Chrysanthemum Malabar®-Purple
Chrysanthemum Malabar®-Purple
Chrysanthemum Salambo®
Chrysanthemum Satanas®
Chrysanthemum Topino® Red
Chrysanthemum Aniston Orange
Chrysanthemum Blanchett Orange
Chrysanthemum Blanchett Pink
Chrysanthemum Cardinale Pink
Chrysanthemum DeNiro White
Chrysanthemum DeVito Yellow
Chrysanthemum Freeman Orange
Chrysanthemum Hanks Yellow
Chrysanthemum Pacino Orange
Chrysanthemum Pitt White
Chrysanthemum Ryan White
Chrysanthemum Winslet Yellow
Chrysanthemum Cleese Pink
Chrysanthemum DiCaprio Pink
Chrysanthemum Gibson Pink
Chrysanthemum Kidman Pink
Chrysanthemum Redford Red
Chrysanthemum Roberts Pink
Chrysanthemum Stallone Pink
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Streep Pink
Chrysanthemum Thompson Red
Chrysanthemum Yahou® Apricot
Chrysanthemum Yahou® Coco
Chrysanthemum Yahou® Fraise
Chrysanthemum Yahou® Golden
Chrysanthemum Yahou® Orange
Chrysanthemum Yahou® Prune
Chrysanthemum Pico® Blanco
Chrysanthemum Pico® Camino
Chrysanthemum Pico® Casa
Chrysanthemum Pico® Diablo
Chrysanthemum Pico® Exota Pink
Chrysanthemum Pico® Exota White
Chrysanthemum Pico® Exota Yellow
Chrysanthemum Pico® Fluo
Chrysanthemum Pico® Glow
Chrysanthemum Pico® Helado
Chrysanthemum Pico® Libero
Chrysanthemum Pico® Luminoso Yellow
Chrysanthemum Pico® Magistral
Chrysanthemum Pico® Mundo
Chrysanthemum Pico® Passoa Orange
Chrysanthemum Pico® Puntos
Chrysanthemum Pico® Sanch
Chrysanthemum Pico® Solo
Chrysanthemum Pico® Sonoro
Chrysanthemum Pico® Tropico
Chrysanthemum Pico® Uno
Chrysanthemum Pico® Violento
Chrysanthemum Pico® Vivaz
Chrysanthemum Aurelio®
Chrysanthemum Barbosa®
Chrysanthemum Borilli®
Chrysanthemum Cafu®
Chrysanthemum Castilho White®
Chrysanthemum Castilho®
Chrysanthemum Cesar®
Chrysanthemum Fabiano®
Chrysanthemum Givanildo®
Chrysanthemum Gustavo®
Chrysanthemum Kaka Orange®
Chrysanthemum Kaka®
Chrysanthemum Maicon®
Chrysanthemum Neves®
Chrysanthemum Oliveira®
Chrysanthemum Rocha Red®
Chrysanthemum Willian®
Chrysanthemum Zizinho®
Chrysanthemum Anderson White®
Chrysanthemum Adriano®
Chrysanthemum Anderson Creme®
Chrysanthemum Coutinho®
Chrysanthemum Domingos®
Chrysanthemum Dunga®
Chrysanthemum Gaucho®
Chrysanthemum Gerson®
Chrysanthemum Jefferson®
Chrysanthemum Julio®
Chrysanthemum Manga®
Chrysanthemum Ramires®
Chrysanthemum Silva®
Chrysanthemum Victor White®
Chrysanthemum Victor Yellow
Chrysanthemum Baltazar®
Chrysanthemum Derlei Dark®
Chrysanthemum Derlei Peach®
Chrysanthemum Derlei White®
Chrysanthemum Derlei Yellow®
Chrysanthemum Didi®
Chrysanthemum Eder®
Chrysanthemum Elber®
Chrysanthemum Ferreira®
Chrysanthemum Marangon®
Chrysanthemum Parana®
Chrysanthemum Robinho Pink®
Chrysanthemum Robinho Red®
Chrysanthemum Romario Salmon®
Chrysanthemum Romario®
Chrysanthemum Tinga®
Dahlia Bermuda Beach®
Dahlia Corona Beach®
Dahlia Laguna Beach®
Dahlia Lover Beach Red®
Dahlia Palm Beach®
Dahlia Pebble Beach Yellow®
Dahlia Waikiki Beach®
Ajania Pacific® White Multiflora
Ajania Pacific® White
Ajania Pacific® Yellow Multiflora
Ajania Pacific® Yellow
Aster Summer Surprise® Candice
Aster Summer Surprise® Christine
Aster Summer Surprise® Claire
Aster Summer Surprise® Claudette
Aster Summer Surprise® Cleo
Aster Summer Surprise® Coconut
Aster Summer Surprise® Conchita
Aster Summer Surprise® Courtney
Aster Summer Surprise® Holiday
Aster Summer Surprise® Icecream
Aster Summer Surprise® Regatta-Pink
Aster Summer Surprise® Regatta
Aster Summer Surprise® Tropical
Chelone Pink Turtle®
Dianthus Dianturi® Twinkle
Hypericum Miracle Blizz®
Hypericum Miracle Blossom®
Hypericum Miracle Grandeur®
Hypericum Miracle Marvel®
Hypericum Miracle Night®
Hypericum Miracle Summer®
Lavendula Havana®
Monarda Pink Spider®
Solidago Yellow Suprise®
Veronica Blue Bang®